Queen Alexandra “Alix” was married to H.R.H Edward VII, the King of England.

In 1910, H.R.H Edward VII died, and Queen Alexandra was no longer the Queen of England.  During her royal reign, she was a socially concious woman.  She gave of herself in many ways.  She has been remembered as an example of a privileged woman who cared for the needs of the people.  She spent her adult years establishing hospitals, creating centres for the deaf, and working with veteran’s groups.

Our school, Alexandra Public School, was built in 1910-1911 and was named after this gifted and generous soul. She is an inspiration to us and we trust our school motto would meet with her approval.

“Of whom much is given… much is expected.”

“Alexandra Royals”staff, students and parents, past and present, strive to be contributing members of the community.  They continuously give of themselves, academically, physically and socially.