Games to borrow from our Library                        

Left, right, centre  – a dice game for the whole family!  Age 6+

Inchimals – a great way to learn how to add and subtract with animals!  For 1 or more players. Age 3+

Mancala – a game of judgement, strategy, and patience.  Believed to be the oldest game in the world!  Great patience counting and estimating.  For 2 players.  Age 8+

Kapla Blocks – bring out the engineer in you, build all sorts of structures!  All ages.

SET – family game of visual perception. The object is to identify SETs of 3 cards.  Age 6+.

Qwirkle – match colours, and shapes and identify attributes.  Also requires strategy and tactical manoeuvres!  For 2 to 4 players.  Age 6+

Q-bitz – will challenge your visual agility by matching patterns using cubes.  For 2 to 4 players.  Age 8+

Color Scheme – connect 3 secondary colours in a row by combining primary colours.  For 2 players.  Age 6+