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APS Parent Council
February 8, 2021

  1. Welcome
  2. Business From Last Meeting
    1. iPads: Bill consulting with board to determine if outdated iPads could be distributed
      to Alexandra families.
    2. School photos? Can they be done teacher by teacher, each class organizes a theme
      and takes a class photo to be distributed by Google Drive?
  3. Principal’s Report
  4. Teacher’s Report
  5. Report From The Chairs
    1. District Council Meeting – Cherie
      1. TLDSB guest speakers at the next two DSC-PIC meetings using the Board
        PRO and PEG grants; Author Ann Douglas will be presenting ‘Parenting
        During the Pandemic’ on March 11, and Dr. Michael Ungar will be presenting
        ‘Resilience during the Pandemic’ If the speakers are well received by DSCPIC,
        we can look at booking them for parents/guardians by area
      2. All Schools were given $500 PEG grants for parent engagement
  6. Student Report
  7. Fundraising Initiatives + New Ideas
    1. Pie Eyed Monk – choose new date after lockdown? Or do virtual/takeout fundraiser
      1. Can we add a silent auction to this? Parents/local entrepreneurs donate
      2. https://mobilbid.ca OR https://eflea.ca
    2. Flipgive – can we do a drive/event to organize some spending?
    3. March Readathon – ask friends & family to sponsor kids to read as many books as
      they set a goal for in March – winning class (most books read?) gets to choose a
      punishment for Mr. Thompson
  8. Parent + Student Engagement
    1. Julia’s Child Cooking Night – choose new date
    2. March Break Scavenger Hunt (Amanda)
      1. Distribute scavenger hunt list by email + paper before March Break
      2. Kids/families take photos of items around Lindsay – all walkable, downtown
      3. Email completed photo scavenger hunt to receive instructions
      4. Prize at Burns Bulk Foods to pick up after submission?
    3. Spelling Bee
      1. Class bees later Feb? In class or Saturday morning with times, parent
        volunteers + Mr. T oversee.
      2. School bee? Or stick with class by class?
        http://www.canadaspellingbee.com/Beehive – lists by grade
      3. Regional Spelling Bee for grades 4-8 is May 22
        1. Schools must complete their spelling bee and submit their top
          spellers and team no later than Wednesday, March 31st, 2021.