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APS Parent Council
February 8, 2021

  1. Welcome
  2. Business From Last Meeting
    1. iPads: Bill consulting with board to determine if outdated iPads could be distributed
      to Alexandra families.
    2. School photos? Can they be done teacher by teacher, each class organizes a theme
      and takes a class photo to be distributed by Google Drive?
  3. Principal’s Report
  4. Teacher’s Report
  5. Report From The Chairs
    1. District Council Meeting – Cherie
      1. TLDSB guest speakers at the next two DSC-PIC meetings using the Board
        PRO and PEG grants; Author Ann Douglas will be presenting ‘Parenting
        During the Pandemic’ on March 11, and Dr. Michael Ungar will be presenting
        ‘Resilience during the Pandemic’ If the speakers are well received by DSCPIC,
        we can look at booking them for parents/guardians by area
      2. All Schools were given $500 PEG grants for parent engagement
  6. Student Report
  7. Fundraising Initiatives + New Ideas
    1. Pie Eyed Monk – choose new date after lockdown? Or do virtual/takeout fundraiser
      1. Can we add a silent auction to this? Parents/local entrepreneurs donate
      2. https://mobilbid.ca OR https://eflea.ca
    2. Flipgive – can we do a drive/event to organize some spending?
    3. March Readathon – ask friends & family to sponsor kids to read as many books as
      they set a goal for in March – winning class (most books read?) gets to choose a
      punishment for Mr. Thompson
  8. Parent + Student Engagement
    1. Julia’s Child Cooking Night – choose new date
    2. March Break Scavenger Hunt (Amanda)
      1. Distribute scavenger hunt list by email + paper before March Break
      2. Kids/families take photos of items around Lindsay – all walkable, downtown
      3. Email completed photo scavenger hunt to receive instructions
      4. Prize at Burns Bulk Foods to pick up after submission?
    3. Spelling Bee
      1. Class bees later Feb? In class or Saturday morning with times, parent
        volunteers + Mr. T oversee.
      2. School bee? Or stick with class by class?
        http://www.canadaspellingbee.com/Beehive – lists by grade
      3. Regional Spelling Bee for grades 4-8 is May 22
        1. Schools must complete their spelling bee and submit their top
          spellers and team no later than Wednesday, March 31st, 2021.

Parent Council meeting
February 8, 2021

Bill Thompson

Approval of Agenda: Becky and Andrea
Approval of Minutes: Andrea and Melinda


  1. Ipads: Have to be recycled as e-waste; advised that they cannot be repurposed and pose significant security and privacy requests. Will continue to explore alternatives.
  2. School photos: Board is hesitant and it remains an item for further discussion.

Principals Update (Bill)
Community and staff engaged and supportive.
Recess going well; with 2 cohorts of hockey sticks; shovels and crazy carpets; snowshoes for kinders.
Partnership with City of KL Library. Our library use is limited due to quarantine; public library will facilitate lending and prizes. Further info to come shortly.
IEPs and report cards coming through paper copy on Feb 19.

Teachers Report (Kate)
Happy to be back in the building!

Report from the Chairs (Cherie)
District meeting minutes circulated. Upcoming presentations at District Council level pushed up to April and May, to allow individual schools topportunity for smaller group presentations through parent council funding. Evaluating if pro-grant funding can be used for presentations

Student Report (Cash)
Student request: Phones during recess? Response: No.
Recess: Going well; soccer is back!
Graduation: Can we plan an end of year party? Group not being called on to lead as they have been in the past. Great idea!! Cash will lead an exploration of ideas from the students.

Fundraising Initiatives

  1. Pie eyed monk: Take out? Or shift to the summer? Summer poses difficulty with participation and collection of funds.
    Agreement to do a takeout night. Andrea to confirm and advise of their preferred dates in the next few weeks. Propose March 11.
  2. Cooking from home night with Chef. Parent engagement funding would support it.
    Planning for Sunday February 28 or March 7. Commitment is just participation, recipes provided in advance.
    Track participation through google forms, and distribute recipes in advance. Will see if Burns’ could be involved as a pick up location for groceries. Can also encourage Flip Give for gift card purchases at grocery stores.
  3. Other ideas:
    a. Reading challenge or read-a-thon: Sponsorship or fundraising. Could be combined with the Library challenge for Tradewinds giftcard draw. Roll it into a class by class challenge with displays throughout the month of March. Can it also incorporate a fitness challenge? Something for your brain and something for your body? Can read-a-thon be a fundraising opportunity for donations, such as read X books, they raise X through donations. Covid limitations with collecting donations and handing cash.
    b. March break scavenger hunt: Amanda & Dara will take away and share at the next meeting. Google forms with submit option. Prize for completion at local store such as Burns.
    c. Silly photo class photos

Action: Council to consider fun engagement ideas for the kids, to share at the next meeting.

Historically yearly fundraising has been between 2 – 3k with Council’s spend totalling the same amount. Largest fundraiser over the past few years has been Nesbitts, which raised $1300.
Challenges: raising money during covid. Balance of focus on engagement and funding. The 15k goal is much higher than in previous years, so will focus on the priorities identified through staff consultation such as IXL.
Next steps: Start with Pie Eyed Monk, evaluate participation and then explore another restaurant.

Additional fundraisers discussed:

Candygrams being done at central senior through cash online.
Little Caesars pizza kits: Logistic limitations due to Covid
Flowers and bulbs, or general purchases through Gary’s. Agreement from group to aim for May timeframe. Andrea to discuss the opportunity with them.
Nesbitts: April with school online in early April; for delivery end of April. Andrea to confirm.

Meeting closeout Next meeting: March 8

  1. Welcome – thanks to Dara for Chairing last meeting 
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting
    • Business arising from the minutes:
      • School pictures – Bill
      • iPads given to APS families?
      • Spelling Bee – deferred from last meeting
  4. Student Report
  5. Principal’s Report
  6. Teacher’s Report
  7. Report from the Chair(s)
    • District council meeting March 11 – guest speakers, Parent Engagement Funds?
  8. Fundraising/Treasurer Report
    • a) Pie Eyed Monk – March? – Andrea
    • b) Little Caesar’s – Date? – Amanda
    • c) Nesbitts – April? – Andrea
    • d) Garry’s/Hills – May? – Andrea
    • e) Pane Vino?
    • f) Flip Give – update, ideas
  9. School and Community Events
    • a. Home cooking night Feedback – Dara
    • b. Reading and Fitness challenges – Dara
    • c. March/April Break scavenger hunt – Dara/Amanda
    • d. At home work outs? – Dara
    • e. New ideas?
  1. Next Meeting Date


March 8, 2021












Barbara, Melinda

Approval of agenda: Amanda and Becky

Approval of minutes: Becky and Dara

Business deferred

  1. Class photos.
    1. April 9 for just the grade 6s. Letters sent home.
    2. Will explore options for others in spring.
  2. iPads: security risks pose too great a vulnerability for them to be distributed.
  3. Spelling bee: engagement seems to be low; will revisit with good weather or next year.

Student update

  1. Scavenger hunt over spring break would be something the grade 6s could assume a leadership role on. Covid precautions would be considered through setup.
  2. End of year party. Movies or bowling a possibility in June of reopened instead of a traditional party. Cash/Dara will follow up with Ms McCoy. 

Principals report

Nothing new to add.

Teacher report

Working on financial literacy for new creative activities and to increase engagement.

Report from the chair

District council on Thursday. Ann Douglas will be speaking. Potential use of parent engagement funds for her to speak with us, for smaller conversations. Approximate cost would be $600-700. Exploring if could APS join with another school for breakout session.


  1. Pie-Eyed Monk: going ahead this Thursday with reservation or takeout options.
  2. Little Caesars: Potential lock down implications for distribution to be explored.  Will be set up on school cash online. Plan for flyer distribution next week. Ideally pickup prior to spring break.
  3. Nesbitts: Gift cards and price lists all set to go for May.
  4. Gary’s: to be explored for May. Will look at other options if they can’t accommodate.
  5. Pane Vino: June timeline preferred; will explore the week of June 14-18; Andrea to confirm.
  6. Flip give: Not much uptake recently; will promote again highlighting use for gift cards and money raised to date.

School and community events

  1. Cooking class: small class size was a success. They invoice us for payment, so we have to decide amount. 12 had signed up but numbers participating were less.
  2. Readathon an overlap with library  challenge, which was piloted with us. School is collecting once a month; every book coloured in is an entry into a draw. 
    1. Other options? Ask for funds in place of events? School raffle is an option. At this time it may be difficult to generate donations from local businesses, and limiting with potential lockdowns.  Recent years hasn’t been very successful. Option of themed baskets by class who then collectively create a larger basket per class as a raffle prize. Could be done as an end of the year activity in June. Kate to consult with the teachers.
  3. Scavenger hunt deferred to grade 6s.
  4. Fitness classes cancelled. Could explore for next January.
  5. Any new ideas or items? 
    1. List of items for school “wish list” of supplies to be sent out

Next meeting: Tuesday April 6, 6pm

APS Parent Council AGENDA: April 6, 2021 1. Approval of Agenda

  1. Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting
  2. Business arising from the minutes: a. April Break scavenger hunt – Dara & Cash i. Budget for prizes, arrange something with Burns ii. Grade 6 leadership b. List of needed school supplies – Bill i. What has been donated, what is still outstanding?
  3. Student Report
  4. Principal’s Report
  5. Teacher’s Report
  6. Report from the Chair(s) a. District council meeting + Ann Douglas b. Follow up with Julia’s Child – What will we pay? c. What does that leave for PE funds?
  7. Fundraising/Treasurer Report a. Pie Eyed Monk (completed) – how did it go, Andrea? b. Little Caesar’s (completed) – how did it go, Amanda? i. Delivery date: April 8 – Amanda, Dara, Melinda c. Garry’s (May) – Becky d. Nesbitts (May) – Andrea? Assign someone new? e. End of year raffle fundraiser – Kate et al. i. Baskets claimed already – brainstorm list of remaining baskets? ii. awareness, class communications iii. Can we designate a team for this since there are multiple moving parts?
  8. School and Community Events a. Remaining PE budget? b. Ideas? Add outdoor entertainment to end of year fundraiser if possible? Another virtual event
    10.Next Meeting Date

Alexandra Public School Parent Council Meeting April 6, 2021
Attendance: Dara Cherie Bill Becky Christina Kate Andrea
Regrets: Melinda Barbara
Approval of Agenda: Becky; seconded Amanda Approval of Minutes: Becky; seconded Cherie
Business Arising

  1. School supplies ○ Numerous items brought in, including soccer balls, pencil sharpeners, etc. ○ Items now available in the office and drawn upon as needed ○ Ongoing need: plastic coins; glue guns; erasers;
  2. Scavenger hunt ○ Any concerns with students participating in hunt in light of current events? Consensus that as it takes place outdoors and is a food establishment, will proceed. ○ Walking field trip was to take place, but may not happen therefore unsure if the students will be able to leave clues around the neighbourhood. ○ Timeline is limited for posters, and door to door announcement to classrooms is limited. Recording is possible and leveraging digital to share information. ○ Budget: $75 projected; school has account and will settle after ○ Actions: ■ Dara and Amanda to finalize and will be shared by Bill and on Facebook ■ WIll send one home as paper copy; to show Burns completion ■ Provide Burns with a school list to track
    Student Report
    ● Grade 6 event: exploring based on area limitations. Students will gather ideas
    Principal Report
  3. Fundraising: Accounts that haven been dormant were consolidated, added to parent council fund, totaling $279.69 ○ Pie eyed monk generated $288.67 ○ Little Caesars: $604 2. Moving forward, they do not want a running balance without a plan for the funds, beyond 5 years. Spirit is to use the funds during the duration of students at the school, and eliminate surpluses to be managed. Action: move forward to the next agenda for further discussion and planning; finalize in June. To explore opportunities to segment off % for start of the year, and long term plans.
    Teacher Report
  4. Baskets: ○ Teachers on board; some chose themes, and some requested assignment ○ Financial target identified? Size of donation outlined? “No such thing as too little or too big”. Canvassing businesses limited due to covid ○ 5 classes in total. Identify range for the baskets and items of $1 – 10 as new items; completely voluntary participation. ○ Contributions to the office would encourage anonymity; keeping by class does generate ownership and community participation ○ Parent council may have to top up certain baskets based on class size and submission. ○ Action: ■ Dara and Amanda to help formalize event; target for end of year as final ■ Kate will help with all school coordination
    Report from the Chairs
    ● Report from the district council: Ann Douglas presentation. Decision to bring her in will be done at the board level, therefore the workshop would not draw from parent engagement funds. ○ Minutes provided to council. ○ A-symptomatic testing can be done, but rules are pending test results, households have to stay home. ○ Money has been raised by the community for any families in need.
    Fundraising (outstanding items)
  5. Payment for cooking class. Engagement funds are $500 on an annual basis. $300 motioned and seconded. Invoice will be prepared and payment made. Leaving $200 for scavenger hunt and final events. 2. Little caesars: delivery on Thursday; collective efforts to get them sorted
    School / Community events
  6. Soccer balls: Dara paid. Anyone looking to contribute further, can go towards additional items. 2. Class pictures: Christina will take lead on gathering pictures and promoting additional pictures. 3. End of year event with baskets would be limited virtually. Limited virtual participation due to privacy issues. Bingo day was a success; explore doing something in school for students. Prizes were a hit and a place additional funds could be put. 4. Motion from Andrea: Christmas bazaar needs to take place to gather everyone overloaded basements!
    Next meeting: Monday May 3, 2021 @ 6pm
  1. Welcome – thanks to Dara for Chairing last meeting J
  1. Approval of Agenda and any items to add?
  1.  Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting
  • Business arising from the minutes:
    • Scavenger Hunt – cancelled
    • Baskets – cancelled
    • Using current fundraising funds for this year (not carrying a balance)…
  • Student Report
  • Principal’s Report
  1. Teacher’s Report
  • 7.       Report from the Chair(s)
  1. District council meeting May 6 – guest speaker Dr. Ungar
  2. Parent Engagement Funds – Julia’s child payment, $200 left
  • Fundraising/Treasurer Report   
  1. Nesbitts
  2. Flip Give – update
  3. Do we try to organize a take out fundraiser for a local restaurant/Pane Vino?
  • School and Community Events
  1. Graduation – use of PEG funds?
  1. Next Meeting Date

Alexandra Public School Parent Council Meeting May 3, 2021
Attendance: Cherie Bill Becky Christina Kate Amanda Dara
Regrets: Melinda Barbara Andrea
Approval of Agenda: Becky; seconded Amanda Approval of Minutes: Becky; seconded Cherie
Business Arising

  1. Cancellations: Scavenger hunt and baskets deferred until next year.
    Principal Report
  2. Fundraising: ○ Current balance: $3260 ○ Technology update: Chromebooks covered grade 1 – 6; Ipads reaching end of life; high cost makes ongoing purchases unlikely or limited ○ IXL math (50%) and A-Z/RAZ subscriptions proposed for next year; IXL 3 year plan substantially less expensive than single year. ○ We met quorum to fund the 6’s $500 towards a student-voice based legacy gift ○ 50% of the first year in a three year IXL (math only) subscription for all students. ○ Summary of proposal: ■ Reading A-Z $145.62 ■ RAZ kids $436.86 ■ Phys.ed $500.00 ■ Grade 6 legacy $500.00 ■ IXL (50%) $709.00 ■ Total $2,291.48
    ○ Leaves $1000 for rollover into next year should the decision be taken to support classroom experiential learning again. ○ Discussion: Concern limiting funds for next year when there are so many unknowns; based off of this year’s fundraising achievements and timelines, we would be able to reach current status at this time next year to fulfill projected end of year experiential learning experiences including field trips. ○ Consensus reached. Motion to approve proposal motioned by Dara and seconded by Becky. ○ Carry forward funding is for purposes of student experiential learning.
  3. Teachers are working very hard and families are also working hard. Stress to friends that it is difficult and there are support systems in place that teachers can connect families with. Families are encouraged to reach out for help should they need it.
  4. Graduation support is very much appreciated for all those that can volunteer!
    Student Report
    ● Graduation video idea for individuals to each perform something; Cash and Dara would compile and edit.
    Teacher Report
    ● Trying to make as engaging as possible ● Participation does fluctuate. ● Report cards will still be done
    Report from the Chairs
    ● Presentation is open for people to join
    ● Parent engagement funds leave a balance of $200. Options for engagement are limited to virtual. Bingo family game night proposed with flip give gift card prizes. ○ Action: Amanda to explore online options or if stay at home order is lifted, could pick up cards from school. Plan for early June.
    Fundraising Report 1. Nesbitts: Raised approx $1100. 2. Flip give: $580 raised; requires promotion and social media persistence. Will continue for next year. 3. Takeout night: Kate to connect with Pane Vino to look at opportunities. Explore other restaurants if not interested, such as Tonys Pizza.
  5. Graduation ideas to be led by Ms. McCoy
    Next meeting: Monday May 31, 2021 @ 6pm
    Thanks to everyone for your participation and efforts!

APS Parent Council AGENDA: May 31, 2021

1. Approval of Agenda

  1. Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting
  2. Business arising from the minutes: a. Remaining PE funds i. Bingo
  3. Student Report a. Grade 6 Legacy Project – funds have been dedicated b. Graduation plan/projects
  4. Principal’s Report
  5. Teacher’s Report
  6. Report from the Chair(s) a. District council meeting – Cherie
  7. Fundraising/Treasurer Report a. IXL + RAZ/Reading A-Z purchased? b. Tony’s Pizza – Cherie
  8. School and Community Events a. Bingo b. Virtual Graduation?
    10.Next year? Plan first meeting?