Jan. 13 – 14/22 Friday RoundUp

Happy New Year Alexandra Royals Families!

Here is what happened in our school the last two weeks of online learning:

The JK/SK class

Photo of a computer screen with Happy New Year text.

Kindergarten has had a great two weeks during remote learning! We have loved being able to see our friends, share our home activities,and connect with each other.

We have been participating in a movement challenge by exercising each day! We are prepared to return to school strong and ready to continue learning ways to take care of our bodies.

We began the year by choosing a word (or a few words) that would be our hope and mindset for the year ahead then we made a virtual jamboard. Multiple students said their Royal Values would inspire them this year!

We collected data on our friends’ favourite winter activities. We created a pictograph to discover what winter activity is the most popular in our class!

Photo of a computer screen with Our Favourite Outdoor Winter Activities
Photo of a computer screen with Our Favourite Outdoor Winter Activities

Thank you to all our students, parents, grandparents, and families for all your efforts and contributions during remote learning!

The 1/2 class

A photo example of Digraphs.

Online learning has not slowed us down! Over the last two weeks we have compared how we celebrate New Years to the Chinese New Year which is taking place starting Feb. 2, 2022 – it is the year of the Tiger!

We have learned there are many properties of 2D shapes (edges), like sides, vertices and lines of symmetry. Did you know you can sort shapes by their properties!

In reading we have been exploring digraphs. These are two letters that come together to make a whole new sound. Digraphs can be at the beginning, middle or end of a word!

The 2/3 class

The Grade 2/3 class has been working on regrouping in math, and building confidence in their automatic math facts through practice. In literacy, they’ve been learning to use adjectives in their descriptive writing and have started to explore persuasive writing as well. During home learning, students were able to explore different textures at home and create art using a variety of lines and warm and cool colours.

The 4/5 class

Our grade 4/5 has done an amazing job at transitioning to virtual learning!

We have been focusing on multiplication strategies, including repeating addition, arrays or multiples, to help us better understand multiplication. In literacy, we have been learning about the proper way to write both formal and informal emails.

The students have also been working hard on their passion project, picking topics they are interested in and doing independent research to learn more and then present their findings to the class next week. Some of the topics that our class has chosen are pugs, Playstation vs. Nintendo, cake designers, calligraphy and cats!

The 5/6 class have been online super stars these past two weeks!

Students have been working hard learning different strategies for multiplication and division in math while completing a “Run a Pet Shelter” project. In literacy, students have been working on creating emails that are appropriate for the audience.

Lastly, they have started a passion project! Students have been researching a topic they are interested in. They will be using this research to teach their peers about this topic as we return to school next week!

Here are some important things you should know:

Kindergarten Registration for September 2022 is being done right now online! This helps us to plan appropriately for the number of classes needed next year! Tell your friends to get their child registered at APS if they live in our catchment area!

School-Wide Bingo Game – Friday Jan. 21, last block! Prizes for the winners!

Wellness Wednesdays (virtually) start next week for TLDSB parents: (scroll to the bottom to register)

Parenting for Positive Mental Health – Part 1
Wednesday, January 19, at 7-8 p.m.
Understanding our child’s behaviours and development so that we can respond with intention to promote mental wellness and growth.

Parenting for Positive Mental Health – Part 2
Wednesday, February 16, at 7-8 p.m.
Attunement, connection, and setting limits. Understanding your parenting style and the challenges parents face when their children push back.

Understanding and Managing Screen Time
Wednesday, March 23, at 7-8 p.m.
Are they addicted? Why is it so hard for kids to put down devices? What do parents need to know about the digital world and how it affects their child’s development. Positive strategies to build connection with your kids through tech.

Connection and Empathy in Response to Behaviour
Wednesday, April 20, at 7-8 p.m.
What can our child’s behaviour tell us about their developmental needs? How can we respond in a way that builds our relationship and create safety for them, rather than create conflict? Exploring the needs of children through the lifespan and recognizing why we sometimes struggle to connect.

Understanding Addiction and Addictive Behaviours
Wednesday, May 18, at 7-8 p.m.
Looking at why kids can get stuck and how addictive behaviours may develop. Seeing the “function” behind the addiction, and how parents can support recovery without shame and guilt.

If interested in attending any of the above presentations, please register here.