December 6 – December 10/21 Friday RoundUp

The JK/SK class

This week we have been exploring and learning about holiday traditions and activities. We have been making salt dough ornaments using measuring and intuitive baking skills. We have asked ourselves what should we add if our dough is too dry or what should we add if our dough is too watery? We planted three different types of Amaryllis bulbs with our friends and can not wait to see how they grow!

The 1/2 class

The 1/2 class has been busy reading our scripts and trying to take on the feelings of the characters in our winter play. Each day we make more progress in the amount of dramatic flare we add to our lines and we are becoming more and more fluent each day. Can’t wait to share our play with the school (virtually).
We have also been learning all about patterns and the appropriate math language used to describe the different parts of patterns: core, attribute, etc. Did you know there are other kinds of patterns than just repeating ones? Ask your child if they can explain another kind.

The 2/3 class

The 4/5 class

Our class has been working hard on our persuasive writing paragraphs, where each student is persuading the audience to donate to a local charity over the Holiday Season. We have also been practicing our Winter Concert song and are looking forward to performing it next week!

The 5/6 class

The 5/6 class has been working hard on creating persuasive writing paragraphs. Each student has picked a local charity to persuade their reader to donate to. In math, students have been looking at adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. Next week we will be wrapping these up by creating an advertisement for our charities and exploring dividing fractions!

We have also been busy practicing our performance for the Winter Concert and creating a plan for supporting the Holiday Bazaar. We are very excited for next week!

Here are some important things you should know:

  • All classes plus our three attached virtual classes are busily preparing a virtual Winter Concert to be shared in the school on Friday Dec. 17/21
  • Donations (items you wish to donate that are collecting dust in your house) are being accepted after school on Friday Dec. 10 and Monday Dec. 13 for the students’ Holiday Shopping Bazaar on Dec. 14/21
  • Looking for donations of wrapping paper and tape – please deliver by Monday after school!
  • Instead of making cookies to bring home this year, we are decorating ornaments to bring home to our families. Special thanks to Parent Council for preparing the flour and salt ornaments for the WHOLE SCHOOL!