Nov. 22-25/21 Friday Roundup!

Hey Alexandra Royals Families! 

Here is what happened in our school this week!!

The JK/SK class is continuing our inquiry based learning about space. This week we have focused on learning about the sun, planets and constellations. We dramatized the solar system and explored what it means to orbit! Students are asking important questions  such as “Why does an astronaut need a suit and helmet?” and “Why is Mars red?”. Our classroom songs this week are Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! We’re going to the moon! and The Planets Song.

We are awaiting our delivery from Tomatosphere ( to explore seeds in space! We will be investigating the effects of outer space on seed germination to build scientific inquiry and experimentation skills.

The 1/2 class welcomes Miss Sparkes to the classroom!  Miss Sparkes is a student teacher from Trent university and will be with us until Christmas break. 

This week we were excited to monitor our science experiment designed to help us understand evaporation. We are noticing that each day the water level in a cup with no lid is going down due to water molecules escaping from the cup. Meanwhile in another cup with a lid the water level is staying the same because the water molecules are trapped inside and can’t escape!

The 2/3 class 

The 4/5 class 

Our Executive Functioning focus for the next few weeks is Organization. We are working on keeping our materials organized so we can start our work quickly. We are also working on using checklists to make sure we are completing all of our tasks. 

We raced our Elastic Band Powered Cars this week that everyone worked very hard on!

The 5/6 class:

This week we have wrapped up our personal narrative writing! Students edited their peers’ work and published their own – they all should be very proud! 

Our current Executive Function in the spotlight is Response Inhibition. Students have been coming up with strategies to stop, think and evaluate before acting. Students are looking forward to putting their strategies into practice with a Marshmallow Challenge next week!

Here are some important things you should know:

  • Thank you to everyone who supported our Royals by purchasing Little Caesars Pizza kits! This parent council fundraiser generated $1,008 to support school activities, materials and technology! Way to go!!
  • Poinsettias will be available to pick up from Alexandra on November 26th after 1:30 pm. This parent council fundraiser will generate $796.83 to support the school!
  • Parent Council members are looking for ‘items-around-your-house-that-you-want-to-get-rid-of’ donations for APS students to ‘shop’ and then give as family Christmas presents:) Donations due Friday Dec. 10/21
  • Stay tuned for information coming from our Parent Council regarding the Holiday Bazaar as well as a scavenger hunt!!