Parents and Guardians: Please Read COVID 19 Screen Daily

It’s important to read the screen daily because the screen is regularly updated in accordance to data collected by the our local Health Unit. For example, the screen was updated on Oct. 19/21 advising students to stay home if they felt ill, had the listed COVID symptoms, or any other symptoms of an illness. We are having to call parents/guardians to pick their children up soon after the school day begins because of obvious symptoms of an illness.

It is also important to note that upon a student’s return to school after being away with an illness that an Attestation following an illness for a return to school.

Everyone has a responsibility to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community by wearing a mask, following physical distancing requirements, and following health unit advice and isolation requirements when ill, especially if the illness includes any of the symptoms that are common symptoms of COVID-19.

This form is to be used by parents/guardians PRIOR to a student who has been absent due to illness, returning to school, in order to confirm compliance with health and safety protocols related to COVID-19.

If you have more than one child who was absent, please complete one form per student.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.
Christina Knight,
Office Administrator