Talent Show – Q & A

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Mrs. McCoy and Mrs. Evans have volunteered to produce the talent show on Friday, June 8th at 1:30 PM and Tuesday, June 12th at 5:00 PM.

Question: When are audition days?

Answer: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Question: How do I know which audition date to attend?

Answer: Auditions are divided up into theme / talent unless accommodations have been made with Mrs. McCoy and Mrs. Evans.

Wednesday is dancing

Thursday is singing

Friday is gymnastics, comedy, skipping, magic, piano

Question: How long are the auditions?

Answer: Each act gets one minute to audition. Acts are stopped at the one minute mark during auditions.

Question: Can I attend one performance and not the other?

Answer: No, you must attend both the June 8th and June 12th performances.

Question: Can I change my act / partner?

Answer: Not after May 22nd at Noon.

Question: Where can I find the audition list?

Answer: Outside the music room. It has been updated today

Question: What time are auditions?

Answer: First recess, except for people requiring additional time for EQAO or are absent due to illness

Question: When will I know if I have made the talent show roster?

Answer: Monday, May 28th.

Question: Can I bring my own music?

Answer: We have an iPad and will use YouTube to look it up. If you are bringing music, bring it on a device we can connect to through a headphone jack.

Question: Can I bring music that may be inappropriate? What if it is the clean version?

Answer: Mrs. Evans and Mrs. McCoy will have final say on whether the song is appropriate for the talent show audience of ages 4 – 12.

Question: If you are singing, do you have to sing with a song or acapella?

Answer – You can do either.

Question: Do you wear an outfit or costume for the audition?

Answer – It is recommended you perform at your audition in the same manner as the talent show.

Question: Can I audition and show I’m good at something and then do a different act for the performance?

Answer – No. Whatever has been approved is the act performed at the talent show. No surprises please.

Question: What happens if two groups audition with the same song?

Answer: Mrs. Evans and Mrs. McCoy will address this with the two groups. One group may have to change the song.

Thank you again to Mrs. McCoy and Mrs. Evans. We really appreciate the time and energy you have volunteered to help our Royals show their talent.