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Why You Should Always Recycle


You may be wondering, “Why should I recycle? I should just throw stuff in the garbage.” That is never the answer. There are three places where we put things that we don’t need. The garbage is for things that are messy, and cannot be cleaned. Recycling is for containers that are washed out. Never throw something in the garbage that is cleaned or washed out, and never put something messy inside a recycling bin. If something dirty or messy goes in the recycling, it will wreck the rest of the bin, making everything else dirty as well. The last bin is for paper. Any flat, dry paper can go in this bin. Now, I will list three reasons why you should always recycle. First of all, you are helping our planet stay healthy and safe. It will cause less of those giant dumps that are in many places of the Earth. Secondly, it saves wildlife. Using recycled objects makes less litter for rivers, forests, etc. Finally, recycling is good for the environment. Recycling has less energy being used, less natural resources and keeps garbage from piling up in dumps, as I already stated. Thank you for reading my article about why you should always recycle.  I hope you agree with my reasons.

~Grace S.

Royal News Crew Reporter