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Spotlight Student

Recently in the Grade four class at Alexandra P.S., there has been one student that has shown a great amount of citizenship and respect. This student works extremely hard in class, and helps others in class as well. She plays with a friend at recess when nobody else plays with them. This spotlight student recognition award goes to Amelia!

Ashley and Gracie had an interview with Amelia, and these are some questions that were asked during the interview:

  • “Amelia, in what ways do you show respect for your classmates?” Her response was, “I enjoy helping a friend when they are upset, or alone.”
  • Our second question asked, “What would you do if someone you knew was being disrespected?” Her extremely caring response was, “I would be sad if my friend was sad. I would also stand up for my friend if they were being hurt.”
  • Our third question asked, “How do you feel when you are nice to your classmates?” Her kind response was, “I always feel happy after being nice to someone, and it makes my day even better.”
  • As our final question, we asked her, “What do you think it means to be a good citizen?” This response was very excellent, and indeed perfect to end our piece of writing. She responded, “A good citizen means to look out for people you love, to keep the community clean, and to spread good energy to make everyone’s day better.”

Amelia is an incredible student and she definitely deserves this recognition award. We could all learn a little bit of kindness from Amelia to make the world a better place.


~Ashley and Gracie

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