News from Abigail on our Terry Fox run

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Alexandra’s Terry Fox Run raises $928.10

Terry Fox inspired many people, including the students of Alexandra! The entire school, JK-Gr.6, went out to run around the block on Oct.26. During that time, 35 students were asked if they thought Terry was inspiring. All of them thought so!

“He raised money for cancer research, while having it himself,” one student said.

Many people ran harder than ever before. A lot of students were quite sweaty afterwards! But it was for a good cause.

“He tried to prevent people in the future from going through what he did. We were glad to help out and finish what he started.” Many students agreed with that statement. “He tried to help others by raising money for cancer research, even though he knew he wouldn’t make it,” someone said about Terry.

I am very proud of my school for doing this. Terry Fox was a great person, and I really enjoyed helping him. Wherever you are, make sure to join a Terry Fox run. It is a great honor to be in a country that tries to make a difference.