Cheers For Chapman!

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As students, we love extra curricular activities. We wait for volleyball, skipping club, basketball and more, all year long. When we were told our favourite activity was just around the corner, you can imagine our excitement. Jimmy Chapman was coming back!!!

Princess Peach, as he calls himself, is the perfect combination of a funny guy and a great teacher. He teaches us really cool things, like the park bench, leaning tower, donkey kick, and so many others. He also has a sense of humor. Who else would play Dora music for us? Who else could come up with hilarious names for us, ranging from food names like Chicken Mcnugget with Dipping Sauce to famous singer-related names like Taylor Swift’s Grandma? No one but Jimmy Chapman!

He is the highlight of our school year. Whether the boys are disappointed for losing the seat spinning contest, it doesn’t matter. We always have a blast! At Parent Council, please ask for another Jimmy Chapman breakdancing session for your kids. We will be doing the leprechaun while we wait!!!

A Gr.5 student who enjoyed Jimmy Chapman very much!